Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Band-Aid Theory... Quick and Painless?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who rip the band-aid off in a hurry because hey, if you're going to be losing a layer of skin it may as well be fast, and then there are those that slow but steady pain is less awful. For me, I'm the quick and it's less painful. That's how we're going to play catch up on this past year... Since I'm the world's worst blogger. That being said, does that mean that I'm not a blogger, just an occasional spouter?

Warning: lots of pictures!

I'll just start the highlights with James since he is everyone's favorite!

*Today he turned 14 months... How is that possibl

*He turned one in October and had his first taste of chocolate... love at first timid bite

*He started walking at 9 months and our apartment has yet to be the same... same with the dog

*Favorite foods include bananas, avocados, pizza and mac and cheese... DNA is strong with this one

*Flew to Utah over 4th of July weekend and he loved the window seat... happy baby, happy parents!

As for Jeremy and I, not much is different with us. Jeremy really likes his job and working at Epic. He travels every few months which means that I travel too! Off to the grandparents for James and I! Becoming parents has been the biggest blessing for us. We have a weekly conversation of how is it actually possible that two average humans can make such a miracle. Seriously, when you look at the really random DNA that could result, it makes you grateful for just how good your child turned out! Yes, we have gladly succomb to being those parents! 

 *I did my first 5K and we had a blast as a family!


  1. Very nice summary. I approve this message 😛

  2. I'm not good at keeping up with my blog You did a great job at summarizing though. :)